We follow the rules, but prefer innovation.
We respect each individual, but seek common vision.
There is more debate than chicanery; more consensus than divergence.
Mutual respect and constructive discussion, mutual cooperation and pioneering thinking are indispensable parts of our company philosophy.
We cherish every employee's sincere enthusiasm for the industry and the company, and persistent in providing great opportunities for our employees.
We take performance incentive and performance management as the core strategy of human resources management, and treat employees as the cornerstone for company development.
We are establishing a gradually consummate human resource strategy planning system, to and meet the professional aspirations of employees.
We insist on providing a wider room for individual development, and a broader platform for staff to show their talents and achieve self-break, to ensure the vitality of human resources competitiveness for sustainable development.


Service Manager Release date:2016-11-28

Job Responsibilities:
1, under the authority of the higher authority, to carry out a comprehensive business operations, the development of new business opportunities, business types;
2, collect market information, analysis of trends, organize the implementation of the implementation of the program, the Department to complete the company issued indicators;
3, for each business to carry out pre research, customer visits, negotiations and contract work;
4, the company's business and competitor situation investigation and analysis, comprehensive customer feedback, writing Market Research report;
5, to provide customers with high quality service, according to customer demand and market demand under the new economic system to provide innovative business models and products;
6, responsible for the daily maintenance of the contract and the tracking of the payment of rent;
7, regular customer visits and maintenance, business related key units of public relations maintenance, maintaining the orientation of the relationship between;
8, the completion of the company and other tasks assigned by the superior.


Job Requirements:
1, in the car finance leasing industry (state-owned or large enterprises) more than 1 years of business management experience; or in large manufacturing industry, industrial park in the enterprise end customer sales management;
2, familiar with the financial leasing industry business operation process and laws and regulations;
3, strong planning and operational capabilities, with independent operation of the entire project experience and ability;
4, excellent business negotiation skills, able to represent the company's foreign negotiations



Please send your resume to the email address:hr@vbulletin-china.cn