The new energy vehicle industry is a capital-intensive industry. Based on the industrial aggregation platform of financial resources, and combined with the industry guidance fund of Chongqing municipal and Liangjiang New Area government, the company lays emphasis on the upstream and downstream key elements of the industry chain, and selects quality portfolio of market competitiveness and high growth. Through equity investment and other cooperation methods, the company is aimed to achieve vertical integration and cluster development of new energy vehicle industry, as well as build an industrial ecology closed-loop.

Upstream (Vehicle and Components Manufacturing)

As the largest vehicle industry base in China, Chongqing enjoys favorable industrial conditions and abundant supplying resources. It has strategic advantages such as superior location, complete functional facilities, solid industrial base, scientific and educational strength and broad market radiation. Born in Chongqing with an eye for the entire nationNEVID is seeking quality partners in the upstream of the industry chain, for projects like vehicle production, battery R & D, and components manufacturing. With new energy vehicle industry being elevated as the national strategy, by investing and managing new energy projects, opening up channels for the integration of financial capital and industry, the company is committed to promote the industry with capital power.

Midstream (Infrastructure)

According to the plan of speeding up the implementation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Chongqing , by 2020, in the urban district of Chongqing, there will be at least one public charging station within the service radius of every 1 km, and the cumulative completion will be no less than 30; each county (autonomous county) city shall build at least one public charging station; gas stations, filling stations and highway service areas which meet safety conditions, shall achieve full coverage of the electricity charging and switching facilities. 10 thousand charging piles are expected to be built by 2016, and 150 thousand charging piles are anticipated to be completed by 2020.

At present, the State Grid has clearly let go of private capital into the charging pile field, with the introduction of charging pile subsidy policy, the construction of charging pile is expected to usher in the real outbreak. NEVID will support the innovation of forward-looking projects in this field, and stimulate market demand with capital leverage, consequently promote the construction of new energy vehicle infrastructure. Through designing the structure of investment and financing, NEVID helps to adjust the cost structure of the industry chain and meet the interests of all parties.

Downstream (Vehicle Sales and Operations)

NEVID focuses on and invest in fields relating to sales, maintenance services and financial leasing services of new energy vehicle. It helps enterprises to enhance user experience, promote product innovation and provide operating solutions. Together with enterprises in this filed, NEVID is dedicated to improve the industry ecosystem and build the industry cluster, as well as establish an advanced industrial operation system.