Shareholder Advantage

Under the background of new energy vehicle industry development, based on the currentstatus of vehicle industry in Chongqing, NEVID is carefully deployed by the municipal government and wellcoordinated by Liangjiang New Area Administrative Committee. The companyis jointly established and funded by Chongqing Liangjiang Development and Investment Group (state-owned enterprise), Lifan Holding Group and Sokon Industry Group (China’s two leading listed companies of vehicle manufacture).

Cost Advantage

Backed up by three substantial shareholders, driven by relevant industry policies, NEVID is taking an active role in cooperation with multi-channel social capital, in order to accomplish the mission of promoting the new energy vehicle industry. By far, NEVID has obtained credit facility of up to 20 billion RMB from leading financial institutions, which gives the company significant cost advantage to better service clients with low-cost fund.

Industry Cluster ADVANTAGE

As Chongqing is the country's largest vehicleindustrial production base, and the two shareholders Lifan and Sokon have solid foundation of industrialsupportingresources and technical reserves, with further investment and impetus from NEVID, the distinctive advantage of industrycluster is helping build a promising future for the local new energy vehicle industry.