Client Background :

Pand-Auto, an investment holding company of Lifan Holding Group, is engaged in "Internet + vehicle network + vehicle service", in the form of new energy vehicle timeshare rental, chauffeured car service and long-term rental for enterprises and institutions, etc. Relying on management system of vehicle and energy network, by constructing "super energy station" nationwide, the company is committed to creating an innovative cost-effective auto service model. According to the different needs of customers, Pand-Auto keeps rolling out personalized, customized green travel services. In the past, the company mainly relied on traditional bank credit and lacked a rich source of financing channel.


Financing Plan :

After in-depth communication with Pand-Auto, NEVFL proposed a tailored financial leasing plan according to the situation and demand of the client. The success of this case has made the record of closing the largest volume of new energy vehicle financial leasing in China, up to the amount of 6940 EV in equivalence of 800 million RMB. It helped the client to broaden financing channels, improve the capital turnover rate, and strengthen the first-mover advantage in the process of the industry integration.