Product introduction

The lessee will sell its own equipment to the fair value of the lessor, and then leased to the lessor in the form of financial leasing to rent the equipment. During the period of the lease, the lessor shall have the ownership of the leased property, the lessee shall have the right to use the leased property and bear all the risks and benefits of the lease item. Lease period is generally 3-5 years.

Lease item

Leased property is mainly used for new energy vehicle production and operation of equipment, equipment, transportation, infrastructure and related attachments, etc..

Product advantage

A.Quick and easy access to medium and long term capital

B.Finance ratio is generally higher than the mortgage

C.Lease, rent for flexible structure

D.The rental property has the advantage of accelerated depreciation

E.Does not affect the lessee's right to use the existing equipment and the final ownership

F.Make an effective use of existing assets, accelerate the circulation of funds

Service Flow