Product introduction

According to the lessee's choice or acceptance of the lease item and supplier, the co tenant buys the leased property to the equipment supplier, and rents it to the lessee, the lessee pays the rent on time. During the period of the lease, the lessor shall have the ownership of the leased property, the lessee shall have the right to use the leased property and bear all the risks and benefits of the lease item. Lease period is generally 3-5 years.

Lease item

Mainly for the lessee to buy new energy vehicles for the production and operation of the new energy vehicles, equipment, transportation, infrastructure and related attachments, etc..

Product advantage

A.Resource sharing of business resources and capital leasing companies

B.Flexible business structure

C.The rental property has the advantage of accelerated depreciation

D.Interest on rental interest rates can be deductible for the value added tax

Service Flow